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What I See

You turned your back so you wouldn’t see her crumble You walked away so you didn’t hear her cry So she looks at me, her eyes so big and round Silently screaming…why? Her whole body contracts with an ache that can’t be soothed Her anguish voiced in raw and violent sounds And when she isContinue reading “What I See”

Once Broken

Sparking gem, Dainty ornament of finest detail, Glowing from inside, Sparkling blue like the ocean. Tinkling bell giving butterflies to those who heard. Inside, a heart full of happiness, And a soul pure and innocent. If you held that ornament And really looked at it You would see Just how fragile it was. See whatContinue reading “Once Broken”

You Left Her

Opposites you said you were. You like water. She, the sky. Perfect together. A happy place. Together you could be strong. You could be. Together. But you saw the flames of fear. And you panicked. Your mind, in its anxious state – did it forget where to find peace? So you dove back into theContinue reading “You Left Her”


Oh but how It must be nice To make a decision And not think twice To give no second thought Have no concern To care not For the love you did spurn Giving no second chance For explanation or resolution What only matters Is YOUR constitution So leave the wreckage Lying on the floor Don’tContinue reading “Wreckage”

She Forgot to Look Before She Fell

Enigmatic smile disguised the sneer Facade of juvenile innocence,  Hid the darkness lurking near. Don’t be adolescent? Don’t make people feel obsolescent. All the while on automotion Spewing faith and devotion. Festering lies hid by commotion What type of human lacks emotion? Irony  You have no clue Second chances  Given you  Blindness in faith CanContinue reading “She Forgot to Look Before She Fell”