What I See

You turned your back so you wouldn’t see her crumble

You walked away so you didn’t hear her cry

So she looks at me, her eyes so big and round

Silently screaming…why?

Her whole body contracts with an ache that can’t be soothed

Her anguish voiced in raw and violent sounds

And when she is physically spent she becomes quiet

And silent tears stream down her cheeks.

But the days move on…

Each day I watch her

Try to have courage,

Try to move forward,

Try to heal.

But if she dares take a glimpse back

Allows her thoughts to remind her,

Or her bravery is lost,

She breaks all over again.

She still wonders…

What did she do?

What was her fault?

Is she so horrible?

So unlikeable?

So ugly?

So useless?

So unloveable?

These are the questions she is left voicing to me.

And I can not answer them.

Only try and reassure..

You took everything.

Her confidence

Her will

Her personality

Her smile

Her ability to dream.

You Took It All

And just walked away.

You selfish prick.

Published by kovasoturi

I am a thinker. I am a watcher. I am a believer in being kind. As I have grown older I have better realized the importance of taking the time to see beyond my own feelings and point of view. I am emotional. I am also introverted. Which means it often looks like I don't care, but on the inside I am being ripped apart. Writing helps me share what I am feeling on the inside.

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