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You Left Her

Opposites you said you were.

You like water.

She, the sky.

Perfect together.

A happy place.

Together you could be strong.

You could be.


But you saw the flames of fear.

And you panicked.

Your mind, in its anxious state

– did it forget where to find peace?

So you dove back into the ocean.

Pushing away the flames,

The fear,

And her.

Your momentum pushing her closer to those flames.

Now Sky still burdened with the weight of your worries,

Stares at the flames,

That reflect in her eyes.

Sparks jump towards her,

But Water is not there to shield her.

Nor can she take flight.

For you have left her alone,

Yet still carrying you.

Published by kovasoturi

I am a thinker. I am a watcher. I am a believer in being kind. As I have grown older I have better realized the importance of taking the time to see beyond my own feelings and point of view. I am emotional. I am also introverted. Which means it often looks like I don't care, but on the inside I am being ripped apart. Writing helps me share what I am feeling on the inside.

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