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Oh but how

It must be nice

To make a decision

And not think twice

To give no second thought

Have no concern

To care not

For the love you did spurn

Giving no second chance

For explanation or resolution

What only matters

Is YOUR constitution

So leave the wreckage

Lying on the floor

Don’t look back 

As you strut through the door

What you left behind…

Though to you it doesn’t matter

Is a heart that beat only for you

Now crushed and shattered.

Published by kovasoturi

I am a thinker. I am a watcher. I am a believer in being kind. As I have grown older I have better realized the importance of taking the time to see beyond my own feelings and point of view. I am emotional. I am also introverted. Which means it often looks like I don't care, but on the inside I am being ripped apart. Writing helps me share what I am feeling on the inside.

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