She Forgot to Look Before She Fell

Enigmatic smile disguised the sneer Facade of juvenile innocence,  Hid the darkness lurking near. Don’t be adolescent? Don’t make people feel obsolescent. All the while on automotion Spewing faith and devotion. Festering lies hid by commotion What type of human lacks emotion? Irony  You have no clue Second chances  Given you  Blindness in faith CanContinue reading “She Forgot to Look Before She Fell”


She held on tight to the string Encircling it ‘round her fingers, Daring not  To allow it to slip From her grasp. And each day  she waited patiently For a sign An opportunity Her eyes and her heart Searching Holding out Holding it up Her hand forever holding tight The string. But as the lightContinue reading “Deflation”

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