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She Forgot to Look Before She Fell

Enigmatic smile disguised the sneer
Facade of juvenile innocence, 
Hid the darkness lurking near.
Don’t be adolescent?
Don’t make people feel obsolescent.
All the while on automotion
Spewing faith and devotion.
Festering lies hid by commotion
What type of human lacks emotion?
You have no clue
Second chances 
Given you 
Blindness in faith
Can impair
One’s obligation to those right there.
Ignore the human standing near
Perfecting the wraith, with the disregard you smear
You want an acronym for action?
R can stand for having remorse or issuing a retraction.
Confession doesn’t make it alright
Your flaws still show up in the light
Does it really forgive what you say?
Why the fear of apology? 
From you it does not take away
It heals and fortifies.
What does it feel like when you pray?
Charcoal heart 
And your complacence
Hardly celestial
Emotionally numb
To what do you succumb?
Can you be daring
Try out caring?
What are you scared of?
You were created to show love.
Words of adoration sent up above
Yet empathy choked with an invisible glove
Master of illusions 
Your brain is filled with delusions
Earning points can’t be done
Idolizing the speculum. 
Looking glass is warped and bent
Condescending message sent 
Who else received it?
You know too well

She forgot to look before she fell.
Freefalling. Her wings won't quell.
As for You?

You can

Published by kovasoturi

I am a thinker. I am a watcher. I am a believer in being kind. As I have grown older I have better realized the importance of taking the time to see beyond my own feelings and point of view. I am emotional. I am also introverted. Which means it often looks like I don't care, but on the inside I am being ripped apart. Writing helps me share what I am feeling on the inside.

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